Terms & Conditions


Students/parents sign up to our terms and conditions as part of the registration process. EMA
staff, students and parents are also governed by various policies including our child protection
policy (please log in if you wish to view this document).


Terms and Conditions

Parents are not permitted to watch classes weekly. Late arrivals will enter quietly so as not to disturb the class. Parents are responsible for their children at all times outside of class time and must be punctual collecting them. Belongings are left outside of the classroom at owner’s risk.

Students are welcome to try new classes for a week, but if joining a course, must become enrolled students. Students of all abilities are very welcome. The Principal must be informed of any learning differences or health concerns so that classes can meet the needs of students.

Entry to some classes, such as ‘In The Groove’, is by interview with the Principal only. Please try out classes, ask questions and make sure you are happy to enrol, as fees cannot usually be refunded.

Students are insured to take part in classes. Advertised courses will run subject to reaching required student numbers. Age classifications may be varied at the teacher’s discretion. In all cases the Principal’s decision is final.

Students will conduct themselves in a disciplined manner in order to maintain a stable learning environment. The staff:students ratio currently operating is a minimum of 1:5 and a maximum of 1:16 as deemed appropriate. This is subject to amendment.

Any accidents must be reported immediately so a record can be made. In the unlikely event of accident or complaint, claims will be dealt with as quickly and openly as possible. If a parent or teacher has concerns about a student’s progress, he or she may, at any time ask for a meeting to discuss the relevant issues.

All parents or friends will be regularly invited to watch classes or presentations. From time to time EMA uses videos and photographs for publicity purposes. Video recording is also used as a teaching aid. Video recording and/or photography by students/parents is not permitted at any time.

Half a term’s notice must be given in writing in order to withdraw a student from classes. All terms and conditions are subject to amendment. Students/parents will be notified of any changes.